To Actually Trust in Krishna


What does it mean to actually trust in Krishna as our personal trainer? Does trust exist purely on an emotional or sentimental platform?


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Krishna explains in the Bhagavad-gitaye yatha…, that He reciprocates with all souls. The more we sincerely want to follow Krishna, the more clearly He will reveal to us His will. If we are not sure that we fully understand Krishna’s will for us in a certain matter, we should continue to pray with all our heart, and consult with senior devotees, till we are sure.

If we do give ourselves to Krishna, then:

If Krishna does not will for us to become dysfunctional, how are we to intelligently discriminate between His guidance from within the heart, and the mind masquerading itself as Krishna’s command?

HDG: If you are not sure, continue to beg Krishna for His guidance and if you are sincere, He will make His will clear to you.

And once convinced of the purity of the desire, how are we to find that balance between personal endeavor and dependence on Krishna, and understand in what way are we are actually endeavoring if Krsna is the real doer?

HDG: Krishna told Arjuna: mam anusmara yudhya ca. “Always remember me, and fight!”  We depend on Krishna and also endeavor. We endeavor knowing that only Lord Krishna can make our efforts successful. Krishna states that we have a right to our duty, but never to the fruits: karmany evadhikaras te…

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