Neckbeads, Brahmana Thread, and Japa Bag


Please explain to us why you do not wear neckbeads or a brahmana thread.


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I can’t wear neckbeads or a brahmana thread because I have a condition diagnosed by a dermatologist that makes my skin break out in a terrible rash if I wear anything around my neck. During my last preaching tour, I accepted some flower garlands, and, just from that, I had a bad rash for several weeks.

Can you also explain why you do not use a japa bag and a Tulasi mala when chanting your rounds?

HDG: According to a medical specialist, I have a problem with the radial nerve, which becomes inflamed when I chant on beads.

Regarding both conditions, I spent significant time and money with medical specialists, trying to reverse these conditions. Neckbeads, brahman thread and japa are all wonderful devotional paraphernalia and, if possible, I would certainly use all three.

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