A Necessary Symptom Of A Successful Spiritual Life


If chanting the holy names and circling Tulasi cleans one of all karma, why do any other ethical acts in this life?


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Chanting and circling, if done properly, purify the soul and awaken our natural love and compassion for all living beings. If this love and compassion do not awaken, then one’s chanting and circling are considered to be insincere and ineffective. Kindness, goodness, i.e. virtue in its many forms is a necessary component and symptom of a successful spiritual life. By real Krishna consciousness, one purifies and thus strenghten’s one’s goodness by cleansing it of any lingering vanity or selfish interest.


One of our main “mantras” praises the Vaishnavas as “oceans of compassion,” and “desire trees” who fulfill the wishes of those they meet. It is said of the great six Goswamis of Vrndavana, Lord Caitanya’s dear associates, that they were dear to everyone because of their compassion and kindness. The Bhagavatam 3.25.21 declares that saintly persons are compassionate, loving friends to all living beings.


Also, Vaishnavas are often called para-duhkha-duhkhi, they are pained to see the pain of others.

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