How Do Blessings Work?


Does Krishna alone possess the ability to actually bless a soul, or does a jiva have any power to bless another jiva? What “stuff” is a blessing made up of?


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This is a fascinating topic. I am acting in ISKCON as a guru, and I can testify here that as far as I can tell, whatever blessings I can bestow are Krishna’s blessings which seem to come through me. For example, I’m sure many of us have had the experience of giving a class or lecture, or simply speaking to someone, and afterwards one or more persons tell us that “you said exactly what I needed to hear.” Clearly, Krishna induced us to say the right thing.


I personally don’t perceive that I have a certain stock of blessings that I can distribute at my discretion, in a way that is analogous to having a certain amount of money in the bank and giving people gifts or loans at my discretion.


At the same time, if I or you faithfully represent Krishna and a person responds spiritually, I can see that Krishna will bless that person. And if I or you act in Krishna consciousness and a person offends or harasses us, I can see that Krishna will give that person a reaction. But in all cases, in my experience, it is Krishna who controls the reactions, good or bad.


I don’t think there is a blessing “stuff.”

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