Dear friends and family,
Please accept my humble obeisances.
All glories to Srila Prabhupada & Srila Acharyadeva!

WE DID IT!!! On the Disappearance Day of Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Thakur (January 1, 2013- New Year’s Day), we reached and exceeded our $5000 fundraising goal, which will now enable us to move forward and continue developing Acharyadeva’s online media platforms. On the same day, we also launched this website, hdgoswami.com, as the first of three websites we aim to publish this year.

Special recognition to the following donors:
Alison Bess
Ambarish das
Ananda devi dasi & Gopal das
Ananda Krishna devi dasi
Andy Hunter
Anuj Ghai
Arka das
Atimartya das
Bhakti devi dasi & Brahmatirtha das
Bhaktavatsala das
Bhrgu das
Chandrashekhar Acharya das
Dharma das
Divya devi dasi
Duhsala devi dasi
Ekabhakti das
Ekakanta das
Emily Dietzel
Gargamuni das
Govinda Priya das
Hari devi dasi
Jay Roberts
Jaya Sita devi dasi
Julie Leahr
Kate Ingersoll
Krishnasharana das
Krishnasharma das
Krishnavarna devi dasi & Ishana das
Lavangala devi dasi
Padaravinda devi dasi
Prasanna Ceta das
Simon Barker
Sri Pati devi dasi & Devala Rsi das
Varesha devi dasi
& several donors who wish to remain anonymous!

By your tremendous generosity, our financial needs have been met. Please continue to offer your prayers so that we may be able to efficiently and effectively offer over 40 years of Acharyadeva’s lectures, letters, and conversations to the followers of Srila Prabhupada & the millions of others who are anxious for Krishna West.

Hare Krishna & Happy New Year!

Your servants,
Ali Krishna devi dasi & Jaya Sita devi dasi

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