The Goal of Life: H.D. Goswami’s new book!


Once, while talking with my friend, Naveen Krishna Dasa, about Acharyadeva’s amazing explanations on Krishna consciousness, he suddenly said: “You must publish a book in order to share this with everyone!” At that moment, my desire to carry out his idea was aroused.

At the time, I was listening to the recordings of a series of interviews given by Acharyadeva at a University of California radio station, and I thought that it would be nice material to transform into a book. I sent Acharyadeva an email asking for his opinion about the project and, of course, for his blessings, so that we could be successful in our endeavor. He liked the idea and encouraged me to go ahead.

Then I began the interview’s transcription and translation. I had the good fortune of generous and indispensable support from very special friends: Naveen Krishna Dasa, Jayadvaita Dasa and Carlos Heitor Monteiro, who assisted in translating and revising the text. Afterwards, on a visit to New Gokula Dhama, I presented the project to Nanda Kumara Dasa, the BBT Brazil administrative director. Being very caring and kind, he agreed to edit and publish the book through Sankirtana, the BBT partner publisher.

Consequently, the text was sent to Bhagavan Dasa, BBT’s reviser, who did an extraordinary revision and organization of the entire book in less than 48 hours! Narada Muni Dasa worked on the artistic concepts, Krishna Kripa Dasi did the diagramation, Giridhari Dasa wrote the preface and several other wonderful devotes helped in different ways, such as Danesha Dasa, Madhuvana Dasi, Gopa Vrinda Pala Dasa and Satya Maharani Dasi.

“A Meta da Vida (“The Goal of Life”) consists of questions and answers between Sarvatma Dasa, the interviewer, and Acharyadeva. Various subjects are discussed- human behavior, philosophy, history, sex, existentialism, religion- and the result is a profound and intense dialog, full of pearls of wisdom.

Acharyadeva’s intellectual and devotional greatness needs to be widely disclosed and known around the world and that was one of our motivations in offering this tiny contribution. We hope to publish many more books with Acharyadeva’s words and spiritual realizations for Prabhupada and Krishna’s pleasure and for the benefit of everyone.

With the merciful blessings of Srila Prabhupada, Srila Acharyadeva and the Vaishnavas, we hope that this book is useful and brings joy to all. Those interested can purchase “A Meta da Vida” (“The Goal of Life”) here.

All glories to Srila Prabhupada and Srila Acharyadeva!

Trying to serve,
Dhananjaya Dasa