Vyasa Puja 2013- Instructions for Submitting Written Offerings

We are pleased to announce that His Holiness Hridayananda das Goswami’s Vyasa-puja will be celebrated next month on November 7, 2013.

Thus, we are now collecting written offerings from godfamily, diksa disciples, siksa disciples, and well-wishers. Everyone is encouraged to contribute. Please note that the final submission deadline is Friday, October 25th.

In the past, Acharyadeva has mentioned that it would be nice if a recent picture was attached to each offering. This year, in an attempt to fulfill his request, we would like everyone to attach a recent, devotional and joyful photo along with their written offering.

Please submit your written offering along with a photo (.jpeg or .png) to the appropriate email address listed below. If after two days, you do not receive a reply indicating that your email has been received, please resend your offering to ensure a successful delivery.

English: day.shanti@gmail.com
Portuguese: marianabessar@gmail.com
Spanish: dietzele@hotmail.com
Italian, Polish, etc: dietzele@hotmail.com

A special thank you to this year’s transcription team who are compiling each offering into a stylized e-book for Acharyadeva’s pleasure.

OPTIONAL: Gargamuni Prabhu, one of Acharyadeva’s first disciples, has suggested that we also collect short, personalized videos that will then be compiled into a master Vyasa-puja video. Thus, if you would like to send a video instead of or in addition to your written offering, please contact Gargamuni for further details at gregghedley@gmail.com / (352) 219-3899. All videos must be under ONE minute in length. Group videos are highly encouraged!

Regarding guru daksina, there is a PayPal link on hdgoswami.com that will allow you to make an online donation. Please go here.

Although the final submission deadline is October 25th, early submissions are strongly recommended. Hare Krishna & Jaya Srila Acharyadeva!

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