Religions of India Transcription Project Update IV

It’s amazing how Krishna fulfills our service desires. All 80 of Hridayananda das Goswami’s Religions of India lectures have now been transcribed and all remaining transcriptions needing to be checked-for-accuracy have been assigned.

All I can say is that everyone on this team has been extremely generous with their time- putting in long hours and making time when no time exists! This dedication has resulted in a we’re-so-close-I-can’t-even-believe-it completion of our project goal.

Of course, our deadline of October 1st is fast-approaching, so I am sending out some last words of encouragement to everyone finishing up their assignments.

Here’s an example of some hilarious transcription bloopers our team has corrected:

“You can see them suddenly learning it through the years.”
edited: You can see this Sunday morning on TV, actually.

“…and then some people worship God if they are alone.”
edited: …and some people worship out of pure love.

“…after this there are a few more things I want to say about [fusion].”
edited: puja

“Bible time”
edited: Bhagavatam

edited: this or that

“Ten Commandments tell love God like your heart, love your neighbor as yourself.”
edited: Because the two great Commandments are: love God with all your heart, mind and soul; and love your neighbor as yourself.

“Why not save them? This is from the third count.”
edited: One statement, this is from the Third Canto of the Bhagavatam.

Thank you again, everyone! I look forward to your submissions this weekend. Hare Krishna!

Your servant,
Ali Krishna dd

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