How Do Blessings Work?

Does Krishna alone possess the ability to actually bless a soul, or does a jiva have any power to bless another jiva? What “stuff” is a blessing made up of?

This is a fascinating topic. I am acting in ISKCON as a guru, and I can testify here that as far as I can tell, whatever blessings I can bestow are Krishna’s blessings which seem to come through me.  How Do Blessings Work?


Unavoidable War

Did Krishna command Arjuna to fight and kill without compunction?

We must understand here the historical context of this command, namely the events of the Maha-bharata. Prefatorily, the ancient Greek ambassador to India, Megasthenes, in his famous book on India, insists that Indians excel other nations in their lofty battlefield ethics. Non-combatants are never in danger, a far cry from  Unavoidable War

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