Fully Conscious Renunciation

As a devotee, I feel that I should have outgrown certain things and that I am right back where I started before I joined. Am I just some middle aged poseur trying to regain her lost youth or am I approaching some sort of personal growth?

When we first take up spiritual life, we give up much of our former life because it was mundane and thus an impediment to ur spiritual grown. We take on a new life. Later, when we are more mature and fixed in our spiritual identity, in a sense we have the luxury of revisiting our past and more intelligently, more maturely, more wisely seeing Fully Conscious Renunciation


Indian Philosophy and Western Philosophy

How does Indian philosophy interface with Western philosophy? Why isn’t Indian philosophy usually taught in Western philosophy departments?

For those interested in Indian philosophy and how it interfaces with Western philosophy, and general Western assumptions about what constitutes, philosophy, and why Indian philosophy usually isn’t taught in Western philosophy departments, “Indian Philosophy: An Introduction to Hindu and Bhuddist Thought” by Richard King is an excellent resource.
I studied this book in 2008 to help prepare for the course I taught at the U. Florida. Indian Philosophy and Western Philosophy


Coping With Difficult People and Depression

How can we cope with difficult people in our lives and not let their behavior affect our state of mind?

I understand how you feel. Here is the best strategy in my view. Rather than focusing on the problems, which seem to have a life of their own, focus on your self-realization as you are already doing. For example, sometimes a person lives in a house that is so troublesome Coping With Difficult People and Depression

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