H.D. Goswami Publishes New Book!


We are happy to announce the launch of H.D. Goswami’s new book: Razão & Divindade – Uma Abordagem Histórica, Filosófica e Social (Reason & Divinity – A Historical, Philosophical and Social Approach).

After the major success of A Meta da Vida (The Goal of Life), which sold-out all 1000 copies of its first edition published in 2012, I was inspired to compile another volume of H.D. Goswami’s teaching and insights. Thus, in March 2013, I began searching through recorded lectures on H.D. Goswami’s website in order to start the process of translating and organizing new materials. After selecting five exceptional darshanas, I sat down with a laptop on my desk, headphones on my ears, and began translating into Portuguese the lectures I had chosen for the book.

After six months of translating and organizing these materials, the text was sent to the editors. Although at times this task was tiresome (sometimes I could only work late at night), listening and reading H.D. Goswami’s words gave me tremendous enthusiasm. His modern, sophisticated, playful, and unique style of presenting Krishna consciousness philosophy is on such an elevated platform that it would push me to continue moving forward in order to try to contribute and spread his message.

I had the great fortune of working closely with wonderful people, without whom this publication would not have been crystallized. I offer my most sincere acknowledgements to: Nanda Kumara Dasa (BBT Brazil Executive Director), Bhagavan Dasa (reviser and text organizer), Krishna-kripa Dasi (text designer), Narada Muni Dasa, Pradyumna Dasa and Lissandra (art designers), Sri Krishna Murti Dasa (reviser), Ali Krishna Dasi and Danesha Dasa (who very kindly helped transcribe audio sections I was not able to grasp), Purushartha Dasa (for H.D. Goswami’s beautiful picture used on the book’s back cover) and to everyone that helped somehow or other. I feel affection and admiration for all of you- outstanding loving people.

In conclusion, I would like to point out something that caught my attention in the email exchanges I had with H.D. Goswami during the book preparation. On several occasions he would ask me to thank the devotees engaged in the project by using very sweet and caring words: “I am deeply grateful to everyone for their excellent service in helping to prepare this book.”

But obviously we are the ones who should thank you, H.D. Goswami, with our body, mind, words and soul, for your entire life of complete dedication to Srila Prabhupada’s mission, for teaching the world what real knowledge is, for making the quest for God a true adventure, for reaching out your hand to save us at every moment, for starting the Krishna West initiative and for many, many other incredible feats – and yet asking nothing in return. We can only try to imperfectly reciprocate the pure, infinite love you give us, hoping that you accept any tiny service attempt we may offer to you. We wish that this book is useful and brings happiness to everyone.

All glories to Srila Prabhupada & H.D. Goswami!

Trying to serve,
Dhananjaya Dasa

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