Criticism of Brahma by the Demigods


I have a question about this passage from Krsna Book-
“Once upon a time, Lord Brahma became captivated by the beauty of his daughter and was following her, impelled by sex desire. At that time, these six demigods looked at the action of Lord Brahma with abhorrence. This criticism of Brahma’s action by the demigods constituted a great offense on their part, and for this reason they were condemned to take birth as the sons of the demon Hiranyakasipu. These sons of Hiranyakasipu were thereafter put into the womb of Mother Devaki, and as soon as they took their birth Kamsa killed them one after another.”
Why was the demigods’ criticism a great offense? Wasn’t it wrong what Lord Brahma did?


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I believe the answer to your question is found in the Gita 2.40. Brahma did commit an inappropriate act, however that act did not erase all of his virtues and service. In the modern world, we tend to think that all the good a person does is instantly nullified by an inappropriate act. However, the Gita 2.40 declares that our Krishna consciousness is eternal. Therefore, the demigods should have respected Brahma despite his problem. To say that the demigods committed an offense is not to condone or approve of Brahma’s act.

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