Anirdeśya Vapu Dāsa – H.D.Goswami’s position

Dear Devotees of ISKCON,

Jaya Prabhupada!

I am writing to express my personal thoughts and feelings regarding the evil perpetrated by Anirdeśya Vapu Dāsa, the former BVP, in Mayapura Dhāma. Prabhupada created ISKCON as a spiritual family. So for all of us, it is our own spiritual sons and daughters, sisters and brothers who suffered life-crippling abuse at the hands of a pseudo-renunciant who publicly, and absurdly, claimed to be preserving the purest Vedic culture.

One particularly wicked aspect of this abuse was the perpetrator’s attempt to portray sinful abuse as devotional service to Krishna.

As a united spiritual familly, we must all rally behind the victims with every needed spiritual, emotional, and material support. I am ready to do my part.

Nothing can diminish the horrors of sociopathic priestly abuse of innocent, trusting girls and boys. But if this tragedy leads to a thorough reform and renewal of ISKCON leadership, further tragedies can be avoided. My concern is to find practical ways to help the victims, and prevent the repetion of this tragedy.

I sincerely offer my assistance to all those who were victimized.

With best wishes,

HD Goswami

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