What Exactly Is Krishna West Promoting?


One thing would be very helpful is a statement from Hridayananda Maharaja regarding exactly what Krishna West is promoting? What is its better idea? What are KW’s vision and practices? Exactly what do they do that is different from current standard ISKCON practices? Can we get a list of what significantly differs KW from preaching programs we normally do?


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  1. We are promoting Krishna consciousness as taught by Prabhupada, with the goal of achieving pure love of Krishna through the bona fide practice of bhakti-yoga.
  2. All of our adjustments are in the category of variable details, and never in the category of basic principles. This crucial distinction, between invariable principles and variable details, is found in Chapter 6 of Nectar of Devotion. If we take variable details to be invariable principles, or vice versa, we misunderstand the spiritual science. Prabhupada never gave differing instructions on basic principles, but he often gave differing instructions on details, which is perfectly consistent with Chapter 6 of NOD.  
  3. KW simply allows Western people to practice Krishna consciousness without having to become ethnically Indian at any point in their spiritual life. That is the only real difference. Hundreds of ISKCON programs use Western dress, food, music etc. Generally these programs are a bridge to ethnically Indian spiritual practice. KW simply allows people to continue practicing without becoming ethnically Indian.
  4. The essential principles of Krishna consciousness, such as Shastra, Prabhupada, the Mahamantra, and indeed the whole science of bhakti-yoga, are not Indian, as Prabhupada emphasized. They are sanatana-dharma, eternal spiritual principles. We never change those eternal principles.” -H.D.Goswami
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