Vyasa Puja Celebrated in Poland

Dear devotees,

Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada! All glories to Srila Acharyadeva!

In Warsaw this past November, we had a very successful event to celebrate the birthday of our Spiritual Master, His Holiness Hridayananda das Goswami. For many years we did not have the opportunity to host Srila Acharyadeva in Poland, but the devotees warmly remember his presence here. During the lecture, Pracarananda Prabbu shared many remembrances of Srila Acharyadeva’s visit to Poland. He also glorified Srila Acharyadeva’s transcendental qualities: his excellent memory & desire of learning, eloquence, humor, constant awareness of Krishna, etc.

Many devotees engaged in glorifying Guru Maharaja: Rasikendra Prabhu and his wife cooked a great feast (more than twenty dishes!), Asi-kunda Mataji prepared wonderful bouquets of flowers and decorations in the temple, Pracarananda Prabhu gave the lecture, Trisama Prabhu served as the master of ceremonies, Gauridas Pandit Prabhu sang and danced ecstatically, and many many more. We offer our special appreciation to Devadatta Prabhu and Pitavasa Prabhu, who were the sponsors of the event. Disciples in attendance include Pitavasa Prabhu, Devadatta Prabhu & Ari-sudana Prabhu, Bhakta Gregory, and Atimartya Dasa.

The ceremony lasted for five hours during which Srila Acharyadeva was in the center of our thoughts. Srila Acharyadeva ki jaya! Krishna Kirtan Prabhu, the temple president, said that this ceremony should henceforth be held every year!

My cordial greetings from Poland! Hare Krishna!

Your servant,
Atimartya Dasa
November 27, 2012

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