Vyasa Puja Celebrated Around the World 2013

Last week, celebrations were organized throughout the world in honor of Srila Acharyadeva’s Vyasa Puja. Namely, large events were held in the United States, Brazil, Poland, Mexico, etc.

In Los Angeles, Acharyadeva personally attended a Vyasa Puja festival organized by devotees in the southern California region. Several of Acharyadeva’s god-brothers and god-sisters were in attendance, in addition to many disciples and well-wishers.

In Warsaw, Poland, a Vyasa Puja festival was also held. The event included an afternoon of kirtan, spoken offerings, puspanjali, and prasadam.

Moreover, the devotees at ISKCON New Goloka in Hillsborough, North Carolina honored Acharyadeva by recording and compiling a special Vyasa Puja video that can be viewed here.

In addition, Acharyadeva’s senior disciples in Leon, Mexico, offered a biographical video that can be viewed here.

Thank you to the organizers and sponsors of these events for giving us a special opportunity to come together and recognize Acharyadeva’s tremendous impact on the world, within ISKCON, and in each and every one of our lives.

Jaya Srila Acharyadeva!

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