The Etymology of the Word ‘God’


Where does the etymology of the word ‘God’ come from? (krsna = kristos, etc.)


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Here is the etymology of the word ‘God.’

  1. There is a tendency for a Sanskrit ‘h’ to change into a ‘g’ in European languages.
  2. Examples of this h → g:
    a) aham, “I” becomes Greek ‘ego’
    b) maha → Latin ‘magna’
    c) vahana → German ‘wagen’, ‘vehicle’
  3. Similarly, Sanskrit ‘huta’, “one who is invoked/worshipped”, changes into German ‘gott’, then English ‘God.’

The Greek word ‘khristos’ means “the anointed” (Sanskrit abhishikta) and is a translation of the Hebrew ‘mashiah’ (messiah). ‘Khristos is thus a verbal adjective from the Greek verb khriein “to rub, anoint” (Sanskrit abhsheka). Thus, it is not clear that the word ‘Khristos’ or ‘Christ’ comes from the word Krishna.

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