The difference between false ego and self-respect


If somebody is rude to me, I will probably feel bad for my self first.  Is feeling bad my ego, or is it my self-respect?


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If someone criticizes me in a rude way, I try to see to what extent it is a fair criticism. I try to be fair about it, evaluate objectively.  As far as feeling bad, if we see ourselves the way God sees us, we won’t feel bad.  If you know that you are infinitely loved, that the greatest conscious being thinks very highly of you, then you won’t feel bad. 

If someone makes a fair criticism, we should be honest and honorable and say, “ok that’s a fair criticism and I’ll work on that”. If we feel it’s an unfair criticism or a fair criticism delivered in an unnecessary harsh manner, then whatever is inappropriate or unfair we should filter out. 

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