Spiritual and Not Religious


How I can make a script spiritual without imposing any religiosity? How can it be spiritual and yet close to human nature?


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One may say that a creative work is successful if it glorifies Krishna. This of course is a spiritual success, not necessarily a preaching success. To achieve success at both levels, our creative work must maintain both spiritual and artistic integrity.

To do this requires genuine spiritual realization and that can only come as the special mercy of Krishna. Ultimately, Krishna consciousness is not merely ‘religiosity’ but rather reality. The more we see Krishna and the soul as the simple truth of life, the more we are able to speak of our own struggles and realizations with authenticity and sincerity, not as a mere duty, but as a genuine inspiration and insight, the more our work will enter the hearts of the audience. And of course we should find ingenious ways to present spiritual knowledge so that it satisfies contemporary taste in dramatic structure and character development. And we should do all this in faithful Krishna consciousness.

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