Religion and the Rational Life

On Saturday, April 1st, H.D. Goswami gave a well-attended talk at the University of London about the role of religion in a rational life.

During the lecture, he discussed the following questions:

  • Is a religious worldview compatible with a ‘rational’ or ‘scientific’ worldview?
  • To what extent can religion be rational and scientific?
  • When does secular humanism or even science become a religion?
  • Is it possible to find an integrated, inclusive picture of reality that congruously describes both the physical and the metaphysical?

The evening began with a beautiful kirtan led by Ananda Monet dd. After the lecture, H.D. Goswami fielded questions well into the night and led an informal, intimate discussion by the request of several dozen attendees. Audio of the lecture is now available on YouTube.

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