Q&A | Cultivating the Mood of Surrender

What mood should I cultivate to surrender to Krishna and effectively do something to save the world?

Answer by H.D. Goswami:
There is a simple solution to the common predicament that we want to do something wonderful for Krishna, but we feel unqualified. In fact, we must have both the above sentiments to really surrender to Krishna.

If we want to do something wonderful to help the world, but we also feel qualified that “I can do this myself,” then we have no impetus to surrender to Krishna, and we are operating on the level of false ego.

On the other hand, if we feel dependent on Krishna, but lack the desire to help the world, we again feel no reason to surrender to Krishna, since we are content to pursue our own little spiritual life, with no deep concern for the world.

And now, our hero: one who wishes with all their heart to change the world, to see the world changed, and yet feels unqualified. In this case, one must surrender to Krishna more and more, begging Him to empower us in His service. In this real Krishna conscious state, one realizes that only Krishna can save the world, but we beg Krishna to use us as His instruments.

I can clearly see Prabhupada saying to us many years ago in Rancho Park in Los Angeles: “Krishna is going to save the world. So surrender to Him and He will give you the credit. Otherwise he will give it someone else. But you take the credit and make your life glorious!

Conclusion: you should not surrender to mediocrity. Rather, surrender to Krishna and He will use you in a glorious way to spread the mission of His pure devotee, Srila Prabhupada. Your talents and intelligence are a gift form Krishna and no one, including Krishna, wants to see a child neglecting or wasting the loving gifts of the parent.

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