May 30, 2010

Dear Devotees,

Jaya Srila Prabhupada. This morning I left Los Angeles. At this point I am traveling alone. Since no one came forward and offered to assist me, I concluded that for now Krishna wanted me to travel alone.

A disciple was supposed to come early this morning to my apartment in Los Angeles and help me take the luggage to the car, but his car broke and he could not come and so I left alone. I remembered how Srila Prabhupada left on the Jaladuta, and I felt spiritual happiness.

I am traveling with a wonderful little ‘altar card’, that folds out with pictures of the Parampara, Panca-tattva, Radha-Krishna and Nrsimha-Prahlada and wherever this card is unfolded, the spiritual world manifests.

Ultimately, we are all tiny servants of the servant of Krishna and when we fully accept this identity, we experience practical self-realization.

Krishna has placed me in an excellent situation to cultivate my eternal relationship with Him. I try to remember constantly that I am making this trip to serve Srila Prabhupada’s mission. I am spending money for gas, food, hotels etc only to serve, not for any selfish enjoyment. This meditation brings joy to the soul.

I pray that you are all happy and healthy in Krishna consciousness and hope to write more very soon. Krishna consciousness is an ocean of spiritual bliss and it is available to all of us at every moment. We simply have to open our heart to Krishna and accept our eternal identity as pure divine beings.

With best wishes,
Hridayananda das Goswami
May 30, 2010

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