May 24, 2017

Dear Devotees,

Jaya Prabhupada! Here is my remaining schedule:

June 4–Fly to Venice and spend about 6 days in beautiful Asiago in the Italian Alps.

After that, I will lecture in Vicenza, Bologna, Florence, and Pisa, then about a week in Aosta, another amazing town in the Italian Alps. You can see these places on Google Images.

June 21–Drive through Geneva to Dijon, France.

June 24–Arrive in Paris for several days of programs.

June 27–Take the super train from Paris to London, then take a train to Newcastle in northeast England.

June 28–Drive to Scotland for several days.

July 1–Ireland for a week.

July 8–Fly from Dublin to Lisbon for a university lecture. That same evening, fly from Lisbon to Natal, Brazil, where I will spend a week resting near the coast before our programs.

July 18–Arrive in Nova Gokula for our big international Krishna West festival on July 21-24. You are all invited to come!

July 28–Fly from Sao Paulo to Fort Lauderdale, Florida and drive to Orlando for a KW program.

July 30–Fly from Orlando to LAX.

All of this Krishna willing, of course!

With best wishes,
Hridayananda das Goswami
May 24, 2017

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