March 27, 2017

Dear Devotees,

Jaya Prabhupada! I have only very good news to report. On March 13th, one day after a blissful Gaura Purnima festival, I flew to Charlottesville, Virginia and rested in an apartment in the beautiful countryside with Jagannatha Dasa.

On March 18th, I flew to Boston where I visited Harvard and met with my old professor. He told me that Harvard is willing to publish my doctoral dissertation. In the afternoon, dozens of devotees came to my hotel room for an ecstatic darshana. That night I flew to London.

Without doubt, London is one of our best Krishna West programs. There is a core team of excellent devotees, led by Yadavi DD. London is a very busy city, and so I am staying in Alton, just a short walk to a charming village, Chawton, where the famous author Jane Austen completed all of her celebrated books. There are extraordinarily beautiful places to walk and talk about Krishna. Many English devotees came to my programs here, including a number of godbrothers. There is keen interest in Krishna West.

In general, I find the English devotees, and the English people in general, to be unusually kind and hospitable. There are many favorable devotees in Scotland and Ireland as well, and I will visit those places when I return from Israel, on the way to Brazil.

Our last major program here will be Saturday, April 1st, in London. The local GBC, Praghosha Prabhu, has been kind and supportive.

With best wishes,
Hridayananda das Goswami
March 27, 2017

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