Lord Nrsimhadeva’s Necklace and Tattoos


A friend gave me a Lord Nrisinhadeva necklace. It was given for protection. I did not start wearing the necklace until recently and since then all sorts of terrible things have happened to my neck! A devotee friend has a Nrisinhadeva mantra tattooed on his arm. He says that since he got the tattoo he feels his karma has been sped up and that many very heavy things have happened to him. Could it be true or only a coincidence? Also, where can I find more information on Lord Nrisinhadeva?


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I took Sannyasa on Lord Nrsimhadeva’s Appearance Day and Prabhupada gave me a wonderful blessing. He said, “Just as Lord Nrsimahdeva protected Prahlada Maharaja, so He will always protect you.”
It didn’t involve any necklaces, just faith and devotion. So given the odd recent events, I suggest you place the necklace on your altar and rather focus on offering loving prayers to Lord Narahari.
The best place to read about Him is of course the 7th canto of the Bhagavatam.


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