Nrsimhadeva’s Appearance Day and Sannyas Anniversary

Nrsimhadeva’s Appearance Day and Sannyas Anniversary, Columbus 5-18-08

H.D. Goswami starts out with a general description of religion and then explains about Krsna’s descent into this world and His incarnation as Nrsimhadeva. This day was also his 36th sannyas anniversary for which he gave lot of credit to his previous wife.



There are two categories of religion:

Belief, that there is some higher power

Religions, that don’t believe in the existence of God or the soul, like Buddhism. These groups are not really spiritual

Out of the first group there are two traditions: The personal and the impersonal. If there is no  personal God it means we also are not persons. We give up a lot by claiming so.

In Krsna Consciousness we are strong proponents of personalism. Why would be want to philosophically attack ourselves and proof that we do not exist? In KC we understand that we really are persons.

The word Krsna means attractive (traction – attraction). Krsna is attractive not only because He is beautiful. His most attractive feature is His goodness. Krsna comes to remove our limits. Structure and form adds value and meaning to something. It is not very thoughtful to say that form is limiting (as the impersonalists do).  The argument that there is something inside and outside of form is a material argument. God’s form is not under the law of material physics. This assumption is circular reasoning because you assume something to be true which you are trying to proof. God can be inside and outside. He comes in a way that is ultimately most beneficial for us. It is not whimsical and not just a play. He creates wonderful dramas so that we can emotionally engage our entire being and thus purify it. We to holistically connect with Krsna (emotionally, sensually, socially, intellectually,…). Any part of our existence that is not connected to Krsna will cause our downfall (like the Achilles heal or Duryodhana’s thigh.

[Short story of Hiranyakasipu and Prahlad.] Hiranyakasipu was a very good yogi but not a good person. Yoga doesn’t necessarily mean a good person. The ultimate protection Krsna gives us is our consciousness. Srila Prabhupada said that we are really Krsna conscious at the time of death we don’t loose our consciousness. It is just like throwing away an old shirt. So we are fully protected with the clear consciousness that we are invulnerable and eternal. God is a loving parent. He never has injured a single child. If we are lusty after material enjoyment we have to accept the downside of it: material suffering. To realize our invulnerability is our greatest protection.

From Questions and Answers:

Religion is the external behavior while the central concern of our spiritual movement is to help other people and bring them to truly spiritual states of consciousness. Both have to be complementary.

Our spiritual body is the expression of our consciousness, it is already there, we just have to grow into it.

Srila Acaryadeva explains that he took sannyas at the age of 23 because he had a higher taste for preaching Krsna Consciousness. It was due to his previous wife’s generosity and Krsna Consciousness that he was able to do that.

All of our suffering is a misunderstanding because our consciousness is diseased, therefore Krsna praised knowledge. We form appropriate relationships in KC and establish different levels of intimacy according to our level of consciousness (according to Rupa Goswami with more advanced, with equals and with less advanced devotees).

The whole universe is a cosmic workout and Krsna is the personal trainer within our heart. The most annoying people in our life are the coolest exercise machines.