Fearless Prahlad Maharaja

H.D. Goswami gave this lecture for only a few devotees in Athens on the morning of Nrsimha Caturdasi. He selected a verse where Prahlad addresses his teacher. In the course of his class he also gives a word-for-word translation of the Namaste-prayers.

SB 7.5.14

yatha bhramyaty ayo brahman
svayam akarsa-sannidhau
tatha me bhidyate cetas
cakra-paner yadrcchaya


O brahmanas! As iron attracted by a magnetic stone Moves automatically toward the magnet, my consciousness having being changed by His will, is attracted by Lord Visnu who carries a disc in His hand. Thus I have no independence.


This is an interesting verse where Prahlad speaks to his teachers. Krsna comes in various forms to attract us. Prahlad is very bold by addressing Visnu as cakra-paner, the holder of the disc. The whole conversation with Hiranyakasipu was politically surcharged. Prahlad’s teacher is a brahmana, but he is not free thinking. He is the servant of a demoniac king, and here he gets angry and wants to beat Prahlad with a stick. He has demoniac tendencies, serving evil.  So much for the varna system …

It is said in sastra that  dharma, nicely performed which doesn’t give rise to loving Krsna is nothing but tiresome labor (srama eva hi kevalam).  The varna system without  Krsna can even be used to perpetuate evil. Krsna has created many things that can be used for the wrong purpose. Someone can claim to be serving Krsna and peruse demoniac tendencies. The real path of Krsna Consciousness is so simple and logical.

Nrsimhadeva is popular among the devotees are great protector. Hiranyakasipu in some many ways tried to kill Prahlad, that is why Nrsimhadeva burst out of the pillar. He got his reaction for harassing a pure devotee. When we make material arrangements (like Hiranyakasipu getting all these blessings) there are always loop holes.  We are completely dependant on Krsna’s mercy.

From Q & A:  

– Krsna is equal to everyone doesn’t mean that He treats everyone equally (because not everyone behaves equally) but fairly.  Even higher truths follow the same basic principles of fair reciprocity.

– Ultimately Krsna is protecting our consciousness. When we are in a difficult situation but in high consciousness, we don’t don’t suffer. So we pray to Krsna to protect our consciousness, and that He always does.