New Mahabharata Writing Project

Room conversation about critical aspects of Mahabharata and writing


H.D. Goswami meets Devotees in Alachua and speaks about his new writing project and how he wants to attract people by writing a novel based on Mahabharata. He explains the problem that the text is corrupted and also from the dramaturgical point of view not consistent.  There inconsistencies make it difficult for a broader audience to get attracted to Mahabharata.

The reader cannot clearly identify with one side of the enemical parties since there are noble characters on both sides. Bhisma and Drona were extremely respected, but they fought on the wrong side. For those ksatriyas it almost didn’t matter on which side they were, but for the reader just fighting for the sake of fighting is not very attractive. Also some characters are too  prototypical (e.g. Duryodhana is only and always evil).

At end there is a very informal talk while the devotees are honoring prasadam with H.D. Goswami.