Lessons From Hiranyakasipu

SB 7.2.28

usinaresv abhud raja
suyajna iti visrutah
sapatnair nihato yuddhe
jnatayas tam upasata



In the state known as Usinara there was a celebrated King named Suyajna. When the King was killed in battle by his enemies, his kinsmen sat down around the dead body and began to lament the death of their friend.



There are several  lessons we can learn from Hiranyakasipu’s story. He was the greatest demon of his time, performed the greatest austerities and achieved the highest possible power.

  1. Lesson: If even the greatest endeavor leads to death, then why bother?

Hiranyakasipu is ultimately a devotee.

  1. Lesson: It trains us to see even the worst people as spirit souls. These stories prevent us fall into passion and hatred in the name of religion.

The Dualistic Christian worldview doesn’t offer this perspective.

Anselms ontological proof of God was that the highest conception of God is the truest. 

In the middle ages in Europe people didn’t know any alternative to Christianity. However, Rupa Goswami  gives the same argument and he has a greater candidate.

The idea of Fideism states that the revelation of God is irrational. This is a very dangerous concept because it can lead to all kinds of monstrous results.

The concept of eternal condemnation without any chance for correction is evil. To wish someone pain and suffering not to help them but to see them suffer the most horrible ways forever.

If that conception was true, God would be a monster. It is demonic, because it can lead to demonic results. These ideas were not brought forth by Jesus but by his followers.  Literally after the Christians stopped being persecuted they started persecution. Three Oxford-theology professors were burnt alive at the state by Bloody Mary because of some subtle theological differences.  They were thought-crimes, not even moral crimes. For certain thought crimes you are tortured forever. These evil acts are directly justified by appealing to an evil God.

Religious fanatism is the biggest political and social problem of the world right now.

If the greatest conception of God is the truest (which is Rupa Goswami’s argument) it is Krsna.There is no statement in the Gita which says that in order to be in the mode of goodness you have to worship Krsna. It is not about religious dogma, but rather moral behavior.