Philosophical Suicide A Sunday feast lecture given at ISKCON Tucson, USA  

Leveling the Playing Field A discussion given from Tuscon, USA  


SB 7.15.11 tasmad daivopapannena muny-annenapi dharmavit santusto 'har ahah kuryan nitya-naimittikih kriyah   TRANSLATION: Therefore, day by day, one who is actually aware of religious principles and is not heinously envious of poor animals should happily perform daily sacrifices and those for certain occasions with whatever food is available easily by the grace of the [...]

Krishna Consciousness Ever Fresh

This lecture focuses on our attitude and consciousness while we are hearing glorification and how we are coming closer to Srila Prabhupada.   SB 7.9.36 evam sahasra-vadananghri-sirah-karoru- nasadya-karna-nayanabharanayudhadhyam mayamayam sad-upalaksita-sannivesam drstva maha-purusam apa mudam virincah TRANSLATION Lord Brahma could then see You possessing thousands and thousands of faces, feet, heads, hands, thighs, noses, ears and eyes. [...]