Krishna Consciousness Ever Fresh

This lecture focuses on our attitude and consciousness while we are hearing glorification and how we are coming closer to Srila Prabhupada.


SB 7.9.36

evam sahasra-vadananghri-sirah-karoru-
mayamayam sad-upalaksita-sannivesam
drstva maha-purusam apa mudam virincah

Lord Brahma could then see You possessing thousands and thousands of faces, feet, heads, hands, thighs, noses, ears and eyes. You were very nicely dressed, being decorated and bedecked with varieties of ornaments and weapons. Seeing You in the form of Lord Visnu, Your symptoms and form being transcendental, Your legs extending from the lower planets, Lord Brahma achieved transcendental bliss.



The word “maya” has a variety of meanings even though in ISKCON we usually only refer to maha-maya. While yoga-maya increases our knowledge of Krsna, maha-maya decreases it.

At the occasion of Srila Prabhupada’s Vyasa Puja we are used to hearing what we have already heard before which appears to be a repetition because our realisation is limited. However, there are certain things which can be heard over and over again. If we are advancing it is ever-fresh, but if not we hear the same thing just over and over again. So the secret of keeping Krsna Consciousness ever-fresh is advancing.

Rupa Goswami speaks about niyamagraha (not following the rules or taking them to be the all in all). Krsna Consciousness can be superficially reduced to a mechanical process. The external procedure is necessary but not sufficient. Advancing in Krsna Consciousness is a personal process, depending on our consciousness and intentions.

Even after joining ISKCON we are still searching for Krsna, not become complacent because we are not suffering any more. In the mode of goodness, what is the need for Krsna? We can be materially happy without Him. However, we should not wait until we are really suffering to turn to Krsna. The Goswamis were always in the mood of searching for Krsna. We have to maintain this sense of searching throughout our lives. We should remember why we are chanting and not use the Holy Name as a getting dirty, cleaning ourselves and getting dirty again.

Srila Prabhupada appeared 111 years ago. The more time is separating us from him the more  it becomes almost a historical figure. The advantage is that from a distance we are getting a better perspective of his greatness, just like a mountain can be better seen from greater distance. Spiritually, we are coming closer to Srila Prabhupada as time goes by because we advance. Even those who had his personal association are thus coming closer to him.