Hridayananda Das Goswami: A Biography

It is our pleasure to announce that the compiling and writing of H.D. Goswami’s biography is underway!

Presenting narratives of historical events, photos, personal memories and more, this publication will outline H.D. Goswami’s life from before his contact with the Hare Krishna movement to his current devotional activities.

Delivering anecdotes and historical data from a lifetime of dedication to Srila Prabhupada’s mission, this biography will portray H.D. Goswami as the devotee, disciple, spiritual leader, academic, man, friend, and tireless teacher that he is.

We encourage one and all to give your support to this project. Any persons in possession of any type of historical accounts, photos, memories from personal interactions, etc. from the life of H.D. Goswami, which may contribute to this project, please contact the author Padma devi dasi HERE.

About the author: Padma devi dasi holds a Ph.D. in physics/consciousness studies and is a published author on various devotional and academic topics. A dedicated writer on Krishna conscious philosophy, she now serves H.D. Goswami and his Krishna West mission to help facilitate the growth of Krishna consciousness throughout the world. Learn more about Padma HERE.

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