H.D. Goswami’s 2005 Vyasa Puja Offering to Srila Prabhupada

nama om visnu-padaya krsna-presthaya bhutale
srimate bhaktivedant-svaminn iti namine

namas te sarasvate deve gaura-vani-pracarine

I offer my sincere obeisances at the lotus feet of my pure spiritual master, Srila Prabhupada.  As we grow and mature in our knowledge of the material and spiritual worlds, one simple, central fact remains constant in our lives: it is by the great mercy, kindness, and wisdom of Srila Prabhupada that we will achieve real success and happiness in life.

His greatest gift is knowledge of himself, for to know even partially the exalted nature of the Lord’s pure devotee is to know Krishna in the most sublime way.  Indeed, one cannot know Krishna without knowing His pure devotee.

To dedicate our lives wholeheartedly to Srila Prabhupada’s mission is the natural, satisfying response to his glories.  Gratitude, prudence, bliss, and love all compel us to put aside our trivial pursuits and strive for his selfless, incomparable, contagious pleasure.

His eternal servant,
Hridayananda Das Goswami
August 28, 2005

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