GBC Cancels Speaking Tour in Europe

Dear Devotees,

Jaya Srila Prabhupada.

Last night I received a letter and phone call from my Godbrother Anuttama Prabhu, who acted on behalf of the GBC. He informed me that based on GBC concerns about Krishna West, the GBC decided that I should not go to Europe at this time.

Anuttama Prabhu invited me to speak with him so that I could clarify the facts about Krishna West. Here are some relevant points that I wish to share with you. I state them as simple facts.

1. I knew that the GBC would discuss Krishna West in Mayapura and therefore I repeatedly urged several GBC members to give me the chance to personally reply to their concerns, through any media, before they made a decision.

2. The GBC did not do so. They asked me not to travel to Europe and other places, “until we can come to an agreement regarding these problems and misunderstandings.” They decided this without allowing me to reply to their concerns. They believe this is proper procedure, perhaps due to their limited time in Mayapura. Since the GBC is very busy in Mayapura, they might have asked one or two trusted leaders to speak with me and present their concerns before their discussion on Krishna West.

3. Anuttama Prabhu, Ravindra Svaraupa Prabhu, and I will hopefully meet within a month to discuss relevant concerns. They will then report their views to the GBC body, who will reconsider the matter. I am hopeful that with proper information, we can come to a fair agreement.

4. I am very grateful to the North American GBC for giving us the opportunity to work cooperatively to expand our Western mission. I am hopeful that the North American GBC approach will prove to be wise and beneficial for ISKCON.

5. If you believe that ISKCON’s leaders should have discussed their concerns with me before taking an action that affects the lives of hundreds of devotees, then as a member of ISKCON and according to Prabhupada’s standards, you may express your views to your local GBC representative or to the ISKCON Ombudsmen, Braja Bihari Prabhu at ISKCON Resolve. If you choose to do so, please follow Vaishnava etiquette and express your views respectfully.

I sincerely regret that I must cancel for now my trip to Europe and Israel based on what I believe to be misunderstandings that might have been easily cleared up by communicating with me as I repeatedly requested before a decision was reached, not after.

In any case, I am more and more enthusiastic to serve Prabhupada and his mission. I place all my faith in the perfect judgement of Lord Krishna who will reveal to all of us over time what is best for His movement. I will be happy to hear from you.

With best wishes,
Hridayananda das Goswami
March 4, 2014

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