From The Road Less Traveled- Part II

Over the past three months, H.D. Goswami has spoken at various ISKCON temples, universities, community centers, and home programs throughout the U.S. The following is an updated log of his travels, including videos, online lectures, and personal letters.

My sincere regards to the devotees. Recently we had extraordinary, ecstatic programs in Richmond, Virginia. I spoke with very intelligent, sincere devotees on Wednesday night, and on Friday we had a program at Virginia Commonwealth University in downtown Richmond. Many students came and we had a lively discussion on various philosophical topics. After the program, we did Hari-nama sankirtana on the campus. Jaya Govinda and I then drove back to Hillsborough, North Carolina- ISKCON New Goloka.

Tomorrow morning, I am meeting with devotees and children interested in establishing a serious Krishna conscious theater program here. I am explaining to the devotees how to direct and act in Krishna conscious drama. Our first production may be the Dhruva story.

After this meeting, I will drive to Charlotte, the biggest city in North Carolina, where we will do programs Saturday and Sunday. I will then drive to Georgia where we will have programs in the Atlanta area for several days. After I am scheduled to spend several days in Tennessee.

Krishna’s Holy Names are everything. There is no hope, no happiness, no life, without the Holy Names of Krishna.

Krishna continues to send wonderful blessings. We had extraordinary programs in Charlotte, NC last weekend. I then drove to Warner Robins, Georgia, where I spent one day with my aunt and uncle.

On Monday, I drove two hours to Marietta, Georgia, where I am staying with my disciple Haridasa from Brazil and Jaya Govardhana (JPS), who together own a successful natural food/prasadam business called Pure Bliss.

Last night, we had an excellent program in Dublin, Georgia, hosted by Syama-vihari Prabhu and his wife, and tonight our program is here in Marietta. Many excellent devotees in this area, including the Atlanta temple president, Vedasara Prabhu, are eager to help to expand our western mission.

Other news: I rented a condominium in a small, beautiful college town- Davidson, North Carolina. The location is central to many places where we want to develop our preaching and is also quiet and conducive to writing. In this town is Davidson College, one of the best small, liberal arts colleges in the US. I will move in there on May 7th, with Krishna’s blessings.

We are eager to bring Krishna to people all over this region, including the state of South Carolina, which unfortunately has no ISKCON center.

This Saturday and Sunday I will do programs in the Atlanta temple. On Monday, I will travel to Tennessee. I finished revising the editing on my Bhagavad-gita translation and I hope to review the Introduction very soon so that we can publish the book.

A prominent devotee scholar in Europe and other senior devotees feel that this Introduction, a 150-page systematic theology, will be a major breakthrough in our preaching.

Thank you all for your support. May Krishna bless you as He is blessing us.

I just completed a six-day stay in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, at the home of Nitai Gaurasundara Prabhu, his wife Matsyavatara, their son Abhiseka, and their daughter Manjari. Their eldest child, Shruti Devi, works as a doctor in Chicago.

This family is one of the most celebrated Vaishnava families in North America. Practically all sannyasis and gurus visit them, and their hospitality and affection is matchless. Both husband and wife are senior disciples of Satswarupa Maharaja.

We did programs Wednesday and Saturday and we continue to see that the educated, successful Indian community reacts extremely positively and enthusiastically to Krishna West. After all, the Indians in America are perhaps the most successful immigrant community in the country. They tend to be highly educated, and they know how to be successful in America. Certain sociological aspects of achieving success in America are the same whether one seeks professional vocational success or success as a preacher of Krishna consciousness.

Tomorrow I have a noon program in Asheville, North Carolina, a famous and beautiful “New Age” city at the foot of the Appalachian mountains. Today I drove halfway, stopping at a hotel in Knoxville, Tennessee. I am tired but healthy and happy. Two days ago, I completed my review of the editing for my book on the Bhagavad-gita, so we hope to publish soon.

Wednesday, I move into my new residence in Davidson, North Carolina. Several Brazilian devotees are scheduled to visit me there soon.

Krishna West in Chapel Hill is going very well, by Krishna’s mercy and we will soon have a permanent center close to the University of North Carolina, one of the best schools in the country. Thank you all for your support.

We moved into our new place today in Davidson, North Carolina. My disciples helped me so much. I am deeply grateful to them: Jagannatha Dasa, Ananda-lila DD, Jaya Govinda Dasa, and Jaya Gauranga Dasa.

We are in a very peaceful area with many parks, nice people, and one of the best colleges in America a few blocks away. I chose this place because it is in the middle of the region where I will be preaching, yet it is quiet and secluded. This area is also convenient for devotees who visit, since one of America’s major airports, Charlotte, is just 25 minutes away.

I am more grateful than I can express for all the sincere souls who are kindly helping me. Every day I receive letters from devotees around the world who are encouraged and inspired by what we are doing and explaining.

After working all day to move in, we all took a delightful walk along a forest path that leads to the beautiful campus of Davidson College. May Krishna bless all of us to advance in His loving service and to help others to attain Krishna’s shelter- all under the shelter of Krishna’s pure devotee, Srila Prabhupada.

MAY 13, 2014- DAVIDSON, NC
Today is the holy Appearance Day of our Protector, Lord Nrsimhadeva. When I took sannyasa on this day in 1972, Prabhupada told me: “Just as Lord Nrsimha protected Prahlada Maharaja, so He will protect you.” And that has come true.

Let us all meditate on the unlimited glories of Lord Nrsimhadeva and His universally famous pure devotee, Prahlada Maharaja.

Everything continues to expand and improve by Lord Krishna’s mercy. Yesterday, Jaya Govinda Dasa drove me to New Goloka, a little less than a two-hour drive, for the grand wedding of Bhaktin Emily and Ananda Gopala. We pray that Krishna bless their marriage and their lives.

Later, I spoke on Lord Nrsimhadeva at the regular Sunday festival. I have requested Krishna Priya DD to post a link so that the devotees can listen to the class.

Now that I have rested from my long preaching trip from California, I am focusing more on writing. I hope that in the near future we will have interesting books for you to read.

Every day, we should rededicate ourselves to our practice of bhakti-yoga. Lord Krishna personally came to this world 528 years ago, bringing with Him so many of His personal expansions and liberated associates. And in our age, Lord Krishna sent His fully liberated, pure representative, Srila Prabhupada, to guide us back to Home, back to Godhead.

Let all of us try a little more to remember Krishna and His pure devotee, every day and every moment of our lives. Only this remembrance of Krishna will satisfy the soul.

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