Bringing Krishna Into Your Busy Life


Owing to long hours & stresses at my workplace, I’ve had little to no time or energy to keep up my chanting of 16 rounds daily. While I’ve been able to maintain some daily bhoga offerings, a few rounds of japa, good devotee company and lectures when I can make the time for them, I feel as though powerless against the challenging cosmic weather and am concerned that similar situations will distract me again in the future. What’s a sadhaka to do if s/he is sincerely aspiring for diksa, but can’t seem to honor the simple commitment of the daily quota and the regulative principles, even in the preparatory stages?
In situations like this, how is a conditioned, work-in-progress devotee to be fearless and feel protected, especially when Prabhupada highlights in the purport to BG 2.29, that “without this self-understanding all activities result in ultimate defeat in the struggle for existence?”


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Your situation is a common one in this age. The world itself is so accelerated and demanding that just to keep up, one has to work long hours with much pressure, etc. Our only shelter is Krishna, especially Krishna Nama. However much you are able to chant now, open your heart to Krishna, don’t wait to improve so that you can approach Krishna. Only Krishna can comfort and save you in your present situation. So bring Krishna into your life, with all its problems and He will fix it.

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