Acharyadeva’s 40th Sannyasa Anniversary Celebration

On the weekend of May 11-13th, 2012, devotees from around the world gathered at the Ratna Ling Retreat Center in Cazadero, CA in celebration of Srila Acharyadeva’s 40th Sannyasa Anniversary.

It was a tremendous honor to be in the presence of Acharyadeva, who was surrounded by several of his godbrothers and sisters, senior disciples, young disciples, siksa disciples, aspiring disciples, well-wishers and friends. Pictures from the retreat can be viewed here.

The weekend largely consisted of intimate darshans with Acharyadeva and long discussions about Krishna West, a new project being developed by Acharyadeva to restore the western mission within ISKCON. Each darshan was recorded and can be downloaded here.

A special thank you to Divya dd and Sarvatma das for coordinating the prasadam for the entire weekend. The menu consisted of arguably the most delicious, vegan, healthy prasadam anyone has ever tasted before.

Moreover, we would like to cordially thank all of the participants, donors, and organizers whose combined contributions made this celebration possible:

Ali Krishna dd
Ananda dd, Gopinath das, & Badri
Arya dd
Bhaktavatsala das
Bhakti dd (ACBSP) & Brahmatirtha das (ACBSP)
Brajaballabha das
Chandra Shekar das
Daru Brahma das
Danesha das & family
Devakarya das
Divya dd & Sarvatma das
Duhsala dd (ACBSP)
Glani Nashana dd
Govinda Sundara DeCastro
Harsha Ravi
Jagarini dd (ACBSP) & Akruranatha das (ACBSP)
Janavi Held
Jaya Govinda das
Jay Roberts
Jaya Sita dd
Jenya dd
Karnamrita dasi
Katelynn Ingersoll
Krishna Gana das
Krishna Priya dd
Mahalaksmi dd
Padaravinda dd & family
Pitambara das
Pedro Alejandro
Pure Bliss Organics- Krishna Sneha dd, Haridas das, Karuna dd, & Jaya Govardhan das
Shantipur dasi
Sri Pati dd & Devala Rsi das
Varesha dd & Carlos
Varshana dasi

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