A Blue Flute Player?


I believe that Krishna is definitely a mood of God – but I’m unsure that Krishna is God in the sense that God is a blue tinged, Indian garbed fellow that gets about with a flute.


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I also doubt that Krishna is ‘Indian garbed.’ I do think a complexion with the color of a dark rain cloud is an ingenious artistic idea, which I attribute to Krishna Himself. Of course this leads to the philosophical tension between freedom and necessity. Though we have a large degree of freedom, God is the only absolutely free entity. With that infinite freedom, Krishna chooses to be a certain way. It seems that it is His choice, rather than ours. Personally, I am very happy with Krishna, though to be honest, I do mentally peel off some of the heavy Indian iconography.

As God, Krishna can, I’m sure, expertly play all musical instruments. His predilection for the flute strikes me as a fine musicological choice.

And since Krishna does not insist that we all play flutes, or that no one else play a flute, His preferences do not seem to interfere with His supreme objectivity as an omniscient being.

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