Virtue in Krsna Consciousness


pumsam kilaikanta-dhiyam svakanam
yah sampado divi bhumau rasayam
na rati yad dvesa udvega adhir
madah kalir vyasanam samprayasah


Persons who fully surrender at the lotus feet of the Supreme Personality of Godhead and always think of His lotus feet are accepted and recognized by the Lord as His own personal assistants or servants. The Lord never bestows upon such servants the brilliant opulences of the upper, lower and middle planetary systems of this material world. When one possesses material opulence in any of these three divisions of the universe, his possessions naturally increase his enmity, anxiety, mental agitation, pride and belligerence. Thus one goes through much endeavor to increase and maintain his possessions, and he suffers great unhappiness when he loses them.



Krsna declares that He is not giving material opulences to His Devotees who serve him with one-pointed determination.

There has to be a balance between virtue and Krsna Consciousness (which includes virtues). When Devotees are only trying to be virtuous or not care to be virtuous because Krsna Consciousness includes everything – both is dangerous (niyamagraha – following the rules only for their own sake or not following them –  both can lead to falldown according to Rupa Goswami). Even if one follows strictly the external practices of Krsna Consciousness one may fall away if one doesn’t internally cultivate Krsna conscious virtues which cannot be seen. Only in the long run it will show.