Mela Discussion with Youth

Discussion about the Story of the Pandavas with the Youth of Alachua


When the Pandavas came down from the mountain they were still children. They grew up very austere like yogis.

H.D. Goswami explains what it meat to be an Emperor. Today emperors always seem to be bad and corrupt, but not so the King Yudisthira and other Vedic kings. They gave protection and provided peace, law and order.

Kings didn’t have absolute power, they were afraid of public opinion. (when the Pandavas were seemingly burned in a house of shellac people protested in the streets) Vedic Times had constitutional monarchy, which means that people did have some freedom to express themselves, there were rules (dharma) and principles which the king also had to follow.

H.D. Goswami draws a map and shows the different locations in the historical land of the Kurus.