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As one of the most senior and respected spiritual leaders of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON), Hridayananda das Goswami (Howard J. Resnick, Ph.D.) is an early pioneer and renowned teacher of bhakti yoga in the Western world. At the forefront of contemporary religious dialogue, he is celebrated for his unique ability to adapt the wisdom of ancient Indian philosophy into teachings that are comprehensible for Western audiences.


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All reasonable devotees should sign this petition

I signed the petition, made a donation, and I urge all reasonable devotees to sign the petition and get others to sign it.
 All reasonable devotees should sign this petition

Anirdeśya Vapu Dāsa – H.D.Goswami’s position

I am writing to express my personal thoughts and feelings regarding the evil perpetrated by Anirdeśya Vapu Dāsa, the former BVP, in Mayapura Dhāma. Anirdeśya Vapu Dāsa – H.D.Goswami’s position

Understanding Prabhupada, ISKCON Communications Journal, Volume 13

H.D.Goswami’s essay “Understanding Prabhupada, ISKCON’s Founder and Exemplary Teacher” will be published in a summarized version in the ISKCON Communications Journal, Volume 13. Link:
 Understanding Prabhupada, ISKCON Communications Journal, Volume 13


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