The 2020 Vyasa-Puja Book is here!

Today is H.D.Goswami’s Vyasa-Puja. 51 years in the movement, 50 years of taking initiation, 48 years of sannyasi – a lifetime of dedication and service to Srila Prabhupada.

If you have not written to the Vyasa-Puja book ( you can read or download it here), please send your loving and kind wishes to his Facebook page, or Instagram.

Please, we kindly ask you DO NOT send him a direct personal message, as per his request 🙏

Our sincere thanks to our team of volunteers, who during this time of the year are to be appreciate for all their hard work more than ever. A special thanks to Harsha, who designed this beautiful 2020 Vyasa-Puja book, and Greg, for his many years of continuous service to the website.

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