Mahabharata Reading

These lectures, recorded in the late 1980’s, are from the full Mahabharata set (equivalent to 16 tapes) in which H.D. Goswami reads and comments on his early Mahabharata translation work.


Appearance Day of Lord Rama

April 15, 2003


Lecture Playlist

  • Appearance Day of Lord Rama
  • Atlanta Panihati Festival Lecture
  • Better Than Ritual Is Knowledge
  • Bitterness Is Not a Spiritual Emotion
  • Dharma Governing Sex and Violence
  • Dharma Vatsala
  • Did Prabhupada Come To Change Our Dress
  • Discerning Essential Spiritual Truths
  • Education Is More Important Than Rituals
  • Free Will and Falling From the Spiritual World
  • Give Your Real Self to Krishna
  • Hippiness via Intelligence
  • History of India and Beyond – Part 1
  • History of India and Beyond – Part 2
  • How ISKCON Can Avoid Christianity’s Mistakes
  • If All Else Fails Read the Directions
  • Incorporating Spiritual Life
  • Indian Philosophy and Religion
  • Interfaith Meeting
  • Knowledge and Sanskrit Pronunciation
  • Lust is Not an Attractive Emotion
  • Maharaja Prithus Management Seminar
  • Many Gods Means No God
  • Naive Arguments and Hypocrisy In Academia
  • Philosophical Bankruptcy
  • Removing Junk From the Heart Takes Guts
  • Respecting Superiors Is More Than Just Protocol
  • Show Sincerity By Giving Krishna To Others
  • Spiritual Society Will Shine in the Qualities of Relationships
  • Spritual Knowledge and Personal Responsibility
  • Surrendering is the Worst Case Scenario For Pride
  • Taking Means You Are Not Really Giving
  • Temple Devotees Should Want To Be There
  • The Defect of Modern Hinduism
  • The Disintegration of Knowledge
  • The Power of Glorifying Vaishnavas
  • The Power of Knowledge
  • The Process of Becoming Degraded
  • The Three Lords
  • Trust Krishna But Don’t Be Blind
  • Vedic Perspective on Death and Dying
  • We Can’t Enjoy By Cheating Krishna
  • Why Not Follow the Path of Sense Gratification
  • You Can’t Be Krishna Conscious and Hate Someone