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H.D. Goswami Online Media Fund

H.D. Goswami heavily depends on the commitment of countless volunteers and the generosity of friends like you to support his service to Srila Prabhupada. Donations to H.D. Goswami's Online Media Fund allow us to consistently maintain and develop both and, in addition to the various social media platforms we utilize to expand his outreach. 

What We Need

With your support, your contributions help us cover the cost of:

  • Maintenance fees
  • Domain & hosting fees
  • Construction & design fees
  • Advanced module fees
  • Premiere template fees
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

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Online donations are easy and secure. Your donation will ensure that H.D. Goswami's teachings, insights, classes, and publications are accessible and effectively broadcasted throughout the world. Simply click on the DONATE button above to make your contribution.

Make a Difference

By donating to H.D. Goswami's Online Media Fund, you are directly supporting H.D. Goswami's lifelong mission to assist Srila Prabhupada in his efforts to establish Krishna consciousness in the West. H.D. Goswami's intimate relationship with Srila Prabhupada and his senior position within ISKCON, in addition to his humor, intellectual wit, philosophical acumen, linguistic genius, fluency in over six languages, and vast knowledge of religious history, attests to his unique contribution within the Hare Krishna movement. Considering his limited ability to travel, meet, and directly correspond with people due to time and health constraints, it is crucial for us to assist him in reaching out to Western audiences in the most effective and efficient means available. Thus, we are asking you to make a contribution of any size to assist us in achieving these goals and maximizing his online presence and accessibility. Thank you for your generous support. Hare Krishna!

H.D. Goswami Vyasa Puja Contributions

Your heartfelt Vyasa Puja donation can also be directly sent to H.D. Goswami via Paypal.


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